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SQUIRT!- Trade Paper Back from Arcana Comics.  Due out at the end of the year 2009. Duties include drawing and inking all 72 pages as well as the visual look of the main character and the supporting cast. 

April 2008-2009; Provided Convention Mascot for Quarterstaff Games North East Wars Convention. 

June 2008; Contributed one hundred sketch-a-graph cards for Marvel Comics 2008 card set.  Employed through Upper Deck.

November 2007; Provided illustrations for Tom Slaytons book entitled; “Searching for Thoreau”.  Employed through “Visions of the Past” Publishers/

July 2005; Held Layout and Inking duties on the 5 page back-up story for B. Clay Moore’s comic entitled; “Battle Hymn”.  Published by Image Comics.

2001-2002; Provided Spot illustrations for Alderac Entertainment Games Role Playing Game Supplements for the Wizards of the Coast game; Dungeons and Dragons.  Work was included in books entitled; “War”, “Dragons”, “Good”, “Evil” and  “Dungeons”.

In Brief:
Ethan Slayton has been drawing since he was three years old and keeps plugging away at it.  He’s attended art schools such as the Maine College of Art, where he completed the foundation course, and graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Illustration and Design in 1998.

Ethan moved back to Vermont and since then, has experienced the joys of self publishing his own work in 2000, taught youngsters in day camp for Burlington City Arts for roughly the last five years, been an award winning voice talent for Shadow Productions and has had minor success involving the Comic Book industry.

Ethan decided to pick up and move to Portland, Oregon recently where he heard the weather was nice, art was in bloom and the beer hops were flavorable. 

So far, so good.

Upon moving, Ethan got an art show and met a number of the local comic art scene enthusiasts that are involved in making Stumptown Comics Fest a huge event in the local Portland area.  Continuing his education in Art and the business of making comics is Ethans primary goal and it seems those goals are being met little by little and year by year.

Ethan is completely open to comments, questions, queries, free beer, silly dialogue and job inquiries via e-mail.