Punk: Page 4
Posted by Ethan in Comics, Punk on 04 3rd, 2009 | 2 responses
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Punk by Ethan Slayton
Copyright  Ethan Slayton
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2 Responses to “Punk: Page 4”

  1. anya says:

    No – don’t die alone, silly teenager! Love the illustrations and prospective story… will it end happily, or is it to remain dark?

  2. Ethan says:

    Well, unfortunately, that is the end of the tale. It’s something I wrote a long time ago about a girl (shocking!).
    I keep it on my site because two of the originals were stolen from a show I had them in. Fortunately I was compensated, but this site is the only place I can see the art so I like to have it on hand.
    One friend and an editor I did work for a few years back mentioned she thought it was odd for me to include all 4 Punk pages in my comics section. I neglected to tell her why so there’s the explanation.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the elements in the story. They are pretty basic but I felt it was an honest representation of my feelings at the time.

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