Good Cat/Bad Cat pg. 4
Posted by Ethan in Comics on 04 28th, 2009 | 3 responses
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Copyright 2009 by Good Cat/Bad Cat & Ethan Slayton.
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3 Responses to “Good Cat/Bad Cat pg. 4”

  1. Ethan says:

    These four pages are not in order. This is page 4 of a 12 page comic I originally did for a British Comic Anthology from Goodcat/Badcat studios entitled; “Alien Safeword”. I forget the writers name and the owner of GC/BC unfortunately got ill and couldnt produce the book.

  2. Bones says:

    This has always been a favorite of mine, the layout is awesome and of course the sharp contrasting ink work is luscious.

    I’ve been meaning to drop by and do some exploring, your site is fekking radical dude! Well done.

  3. Ethan says:

    Aw thanks man! Ya made an old man cry…or get congested…I’m not sure which :)

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