Ethan Slayton – Freelance Artist for Hire

art“…One of the great attractions of the interlocked and interdependent collection of genres that constitute the fantastique-horror fiction, speculative or science fiction, sword or sorcery fiction-is the clarity with which they run from their present manifestations back to mythological and folkloric roots.   The ghost story, the prophetic vision, the chronicle of imagined travels, imagined worlds, imagined conditions-all of these are as vital today, and as popular, as they ever were.   Their tradition is honorable, and scattered everywhere with masterpieces.   Their current interpreters-in prose and celluloid-are, at their best, producing works that dive head first into the dream pool we all swim around in during our sleeping lives.   Twenty-five years of our projected seventy-five will be spent in that pool. It’s important that we learn the strokes.”
-excerpt and copyright from Clive Barker’s Shadows in Eden